Webcam capture for Quest3D v.1.0

Stream webcam imagery to texture in real-time!
Try demo: WebcamDemo.exe

Our codeck independent set of channels allow you to blazingly fast grab webcam image into a texture using WinApi. Works with all type webcams we've tested, including brand-new high-definition models from Logitech. Supports webcams which didn't work with Quest3D "MediaTexture" channel.

Package includes two channels:
  • VFW camera capture - when called, grabs a frame from a webcam and put it into connected texture
  • Set VFW camera capture - changes capture resolution, and allows to call camera dialog

    Channels usage is fairly easy, and demonstrated within included CamCaptureExample.cgr. Here are some hints:

    VFW camera capture
    Call this channel when you want to refresh your texture. Works per-frame or each 5th or 10th frame, whatever frequency is suitable for your need, see example in CamCaptureExample.cgr
    Use 8-bit per channel 32 bit textures without mipmaps, proper textures of common resolutions included in example.

    Set VFW camera capture
    Call this channel only when you want to change camera resolution, or open camera dialog.
    If "Show dialog" value is "0", then camera will use resolution from "Camera width" and "Camera height" child values.
    If "Show dialog" value is "1", then on next call of "VFW camera capture" channel camera options dialog will appear, where user is free to select any resolution.

    Download demo! Check demo with your webcam:

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