Our vision

Developing of high-immersive interactive virtual reality products to help people communicate they're ideas to community or other decision-making individuals. Providing help in introducing brand-new industrial products, and teaching new personal.

We believe that Virtual Reality and modern Real-time rendering technologies gives huge possibilities in improving communication and understanding of concepts and ideas. Communicating or explaining concept or your idea is a form of teaching.

It's important to use a common "language" during teaching, so information can be turned into knowledge more efficiently by wider auditory. The "visual" is a language that everybody understands, but we are not stopping by delivering just beautiful images or animations. We deliver interactive 3D applications. Surveys and researches made by serious games industry proves that interactive applications have greater teaching possibilities than common methods used so far. It is time proved that interaction with objects (non abstract one) gives better understanding of them than conventional documents and sketches.

Another benefit is that interactive 3D application allows gathering information about the concept in one place and in structural way. As an example imagine a concept of new car, using Virtual Reality you can easily navigate around a car, sit inside, check what's under hood, you can do it before real prototype is actually build, without Virtual Reality to understand a concept you need to study drawings and visual sketches, that a definitely more time consuming and less effective, especially if you need to get a feedback from a person who is not get used to drawings. Same approach can be applied to Real Estate, Industrial design and community projects.

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