Download P5 Sandbox v.1.1

P5 Sandbox is an interaction test for P5 data glove, which goal is to achieve natural type of interaction in virtual environments.
Version 1.1 gives you a basic ability to interact with four boxes on virtual playground.

P5 Sandbox is MS Windows only software.

You will need P5 glove in order Sandbox to work.

However you can emulate P5 with other data gloves (like 5DT) with position hand-trackers, using GlovePIE emulator software. Thanks to Carl Kenner for this software and his new P5 driver!

For comfortable experience you can setup your P5 Tower 15-17cm higher than table, like on picture below. Doing this - your virtual "table" and real table will be on the same height.

You can manipulate your hand like in real life, however you can grab object only when all your fingers at least half-bended.

Press [space] to reset position of boxes.
Press [Esc] to exit software.

Demo-video of P5 Sandbox.

You can read more about P5 data glove here:
P5 Glove on Wikipedia
Scratchpad with a lot of technical info
P5 community on Yahoo! groups
'CyberWorld' official seller of P5 Glove

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