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"Black Shark Virtual Panel" or BSVP - software that allow to visualize on multi-monitor systems - main analogue gauges of Russian Ka-50 helicopter from "DCS: Black Shark" PC-based combat avia-simulator by Eagle Dynamics.
"DCS: Black Shark" - is today's most advanced combat helicopter sim available on market.

BSVP in the work

BSVP handful for simulation enthusiasts, training purposes, and must-have for cockpit builders.

BSVP synchronize values from simulator in realtime

Historically, BSVP is a successor to LOVP (Lock On Virtual Panel) software, that was made for "Lock On" simulator.

Software features:
  • Network connection to simulator (BSVP can work from same PC with sim, or from other PC in the network)
  • 3D gauges (perspectivelly correct, stereo-ready)
  • Non linear scales
  • Smooth needle's (and other parts) movements
  • Easy scallable to any screen resolution
  • Panel editor (user can configure every single gauge place and size in order he want)
  • Day and night gauge's lightening (synchronized with simulator)
  • Camera G-motion (regarding to G's in simulation)
  • BSVP show correspond cockpit information even when simulator show "external views"
  • Low system requirenments (BSVP can function by wifi connection from Asus eee-PC class netbooks)


    3D gauges

    BSVP window, disconnected from DCS

    External view in "DCS: Black Shark" simulation...

    ... and corresponding situation from BSVP window with cabin lights on

    User configured panel in edit mode

    Download BSVP v.1.1

  • Extract archive with BSVP to place where you want to launch it
  • Put scripts (Export.lua, config.lua) to "...Ka-50\Config\Export" folder, dont forget to backup your original scripts first!
  • If you want to launch BSVP from remote PC then please, in file "Export.lua" change line

    [host = host or "localhost"]

    to something like
    [host = host or ""]
    where specify your remote PC IP adress, as always take care of your firewalls.

  • Launch BSVP
  • Launch DCS Black Shark (start some single misson, in multiplayer - server must turn on export capabilities)
  • "Disconnected" message will change to "DCS Connected", if not re-check your firewall setings, and IP's in Export.lua
  • If everything is fine - BSVP working as it should be and you can press [Shift + M] to turn off textual overlay

  • Toggle [Shift + M] to hide or show textual overlay in BSVP
  • [Shift + Esc] to exit BSVP
  • Toggle [Alt + Enter] to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode
  • Toggle [Ctrl + J] to turn on/off camera G-motion
  • Toggle [Shift + E] for edit/view modes
  • While in edit mode you can move gauges as you wish, scroll mouse vhile pressing to scale gauge
  • In edit mode [Shift + Backspace] to restore default gauges positions
  • [Ctrl + S] to save layout to "C:\bsvp.ini"
  • [Ctrl + L] to load layout (once created layout will be loaded automatically on each BSVP start)
  • Toggle [Z] to show/hide technical info that could be useful for solving issues

    Lock On Virtual Panel
    Latest version of old LOVP 1.3 software for simulation "Lock On" 1.12b, with photo-realistic textures can be found here:
    Download LOVP v.1.3.p

    Lock On Virtual Panel

    Special thanks!
    We want to thank DickDastardly for his glorious BSVP textures and stress testing :) , GGG87 for great testing of BSVP, Filix-Mas for hard work on LOVP photorealistic tesxtures!

    Thanks to Eagle Dynamics and Fighter Collection for great simulation, thanks to great DCS community, and to all fans that waited BSVP to be done!

    Links to discussions of BSVP and LOVP:
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    BSVP on DCS forums (rus)

    LOVP on DCS forums (eng)
    LOVP on DCS forums (rus)

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