Asteroid is our real-time tech demo.

It's a fiction virtual world that takes you to the inhabited research base within asteroid ring. As an astronaut you can pioneer this small world with it's unusually bright days (use daylight shades to enchanse visibility) and pitch black nights (use flashlights). Step on the ground where no man stand before, explore the station and watch the gigantic asteroids flying over horizon.

Special thanks to EXIT project, and their magical music!

Download executable: Asteroid

VR Geeks version of Asteroid demo performed in VR Geeks HMD kit


Crater base in the daylight, viewing through the shades.

Crater base in the night

That was close!

Going through the night with flashlights on.

Sunset shadows.

Helmet protective shields with pinup art.

Suit's holographic help system, not so bad for such old piece of space junk!

Demo made in Quest3D environment, utilizes our deferred engine which supports real-time lighting and shadowing, different light types (direct, point, area), SSAO, soft particles, and other techniques. All content in the scene use diffuse, normal and specular maps.

Developed by VRM team

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